A reminder of Nature’s wisdom: the story of my Seed ring

Today I want to tell you the story of my Seed rings.
It’s one of the designs that I feel really attached to, as it carries a deep emotional meaning to me. I am always so happy and grateful when I have the chance to make one, for it feels like spreading the “seed wisdom”, as I call it, in this world.

It was during the last Spring. Life was blooming everywhere, colours glowing, all the glory of the new green surrounding me.
Me…heh. I was once again in one of my periods where I stress out about everything, go on guilt trips (“I am not working enough! Let’s keep working until my hands bleed!” lol), and in general make myself sick by overthinking and overdoing. I am working on it. I am actually getting better at it, yay!

After having worked myself sick, I had to take a day off. A day spent with my cat Pooh laying on the grass, doing my best not to think, just breathing and napping and listening to the flowers.
A time for be-ing rather than doing.
When we put ourselves in this meditative attitude, when we allow our mind to rest and we make space for our beautiful inner silence, amazingthings emerge, I think.
That day, the gift came from the flowers and their seeds. From the observation of the time of Nature, which is not hurried and not slow, simply right.
I knew it when I woke up the day after, with the vivid memory of a dream.

In the dream, I was creating a ring about seeds, using a small raw stone, setting it in a band of silver.
It was so beautiful! I woke up with this feeling of awe.
Also because in the dream I had created a setting that I never saw before and that I had no clue about how it was made. Hah!

Of course I gulped down my breakfast and ran to my little shed to create it!

To me, this is a ring about possibilities and potential. The seed is small, surrounded by darkness when it lays in the earth, but still it knows how to reach for the light, and it pushes, pushes, despite the darkness enveloping it, it keeps growing toward the light – until one day, it breaks the surface of the ground.
I think we are a bit like this…we may feel raw like the Peridot in the ring, imperfect, a constant work in progress… still we are good, we are ok. And like the little seed, we have an inner voice guiding us toward the light, and we keep doing so, walking our path, striving for growth, even when we can only imagine the light and we are surrounded by darkness.
The seed has in it the potential of a mighty tree.
The same way, we carry inside of us the potential of beautiful things we can be and we can bring to others.

And also, this ring is a reminder to go “at seed speed”, as I like to say.
The seed takes its time. Some plants grow faster, others are slower, and, unless you want to look like a hopeless lunatic, you don’t go to a seed and scream to it to hurry up and grow. You don’t shame it for being so slow.You simply wait for its right timing, and one day you will find the little green bud where the previous day there was only soil.
There is so much wisdom in this.
We are so used to be in this rushed society, so trained to comform to the standards they expect from us.
I still feel guilty when I take time off, because I fear I will be seen as lazy.
I feel guilty because after 13 years, I still haven’t managed to overcome my panic attacks and live a “normal” life.
When it happens, I look at my Seed ring. I remember that I have my own timing. That the path isn’t necessarily linear, and that what matters is that I am still walking, I am still pushing in the darkness, trusting that the light is right there, waiting for me.
We deserve to take our time. You are worthy of giving yourself the permission to be gentle with yourself and to respect your own timing. You are a beautiful seed, and you will grow into something magnificent, into a blessing for many; your only duty is to nourish yourself with food for your Soul, with love, and with softness.

So this ring is also a reminder to be gentle with yourself, as you would be with a tiny tender seed, while you bravely keep pushing toward the light.

Recently I had the pleasure to discover Karina Ladet, a wonderful woman, an intuitive healer, writer and heart-centered entrepreneur. She hosted a onlinelive call about Starseeds, and I felt immediately at home with her, such a feeling of friendship! Her energy is beautiful!
During the conference,as people were typing theirquestions and she was answering, in her sparkly beautiful way, I was busy with my inner guidance…I kept hearing that “voice behind me” that repeated me how Karina needed to have a seed ring. And when “they” tell me something, I tend to say yes and be a good girl, you know?
As I was creating her ring, I felt that the Peridot was not her stone; I can’t describe how it is, I just have a tummy feeling, if this makes any sense to you.
The Emerald instead was perfect. I could feel it as soon as I had my eyes on it!

And this is how the Seed ring II was born!

Both of the Seed rings are available as made to order in my shop, each unique and special, exactly like you!

You also want to stay tuned, because I am going to host a giveaway and the lucky winner will get a Seed ring!

3 thoughts on “A reminder of Nature’s wisdom: the story of my Seed ring”

  1. This is so beautiful Alice! I follow you on IG as @fortheloveofhandmade. You are an amazing artist and so inspiring! After reading this I can feel you are also an amazing soul. Although I already suspected that!! Thank you for sharing this and your beautiful work! It would be a dream to win one of your pieces ! I am going to have to purchase a seed ring though as soon as I can afford to have you create one for me. I have been drawn to them since I first saw them. Much love and light to you dear Alice. ..Carolyn

    1. Hey Jen!Are you going with white walls like in the photo? If you are, I would go with a luxurious velvet fabric in a dark, rich colour. Something like a navy blue, or purple, (although I suspect your husband wouldn't be a huge fan of that! hah…)With white walls and that greek rug it would totally pop!Can't wait to see photos of what you do with your new place! I love moving so much, purely for the redecorating haha :p

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