About Me

I am a self taught artist from Italy.
Creativity is my blood and my soul, and I am happy and grateful to share my world with you!

I have been creating for my whole life – I can’t remember a time when I was not daydreaming and fiddling to bring these images into our world.
I am the happiest when I can create.

I have been drawing and painting for most of the time, but I never resisted the impulse to try a new media that fascinated me, be it needle felting, carving stones, or decorating boxes with my lines and swirls.

The past couple of years had me reflect a lot on life, on our purpose on this planet, on how we can take care of others, how we can serve them. On how I fit into that bigger picture.
The answer has always been in front of my eyes, I suppose – sometimes we are just too blind or silly to see it.
My hands are my tools, my Soul and imagination are the ways for me to bring love, comfort, joy to others.
That’s how I decided it was time to follow my long time love for jewelry and start to create meaningful amulets for people; I never saw the rings and necklaces I wear as simple accessories, they have always been talismans, protectors, supporters. When dressing up in the morning I would say I was going to wear “my armor”.

I think beauty saves lives.

I think it’s a thin, silky thread that we can hold on to when the darkness seems to swallow everything. That’s why I create, from metals and stone and wire and thread, my little pieces of jewelry: a lot of love goes into them, a lot of caring for whoever will be the keeper of each of them, a lot of hope that they will be powerful allies to you.
Or, simply, that you will love to wearthem.

I think animals are the best part of us, and I love flowers, plants, trees, crystals and rocks – their gentle love, their sweet nourishing of our soul.