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Jewelry care – how to.
Artisan jewelry requires a bit of care; these pieces are built to be strong and last you a lifetime, if you give them a little bit of love back.

  • Bar soap and lotion can damage your jewelry with stones; you wash your hands with bar soap, and the lathered soap gets into your jewelry. After it dries it hardens, expands, and cakes. When it is wet again it softens and then re-hardens. Same goes for lotion. So it’s always best to take your jewelry off before soap and lotions!
  • Don’t shower with your jewelry on: not only the chemicals in your cleaning products will impact the lifetime of the stones, metals and patina, but your own skin’s oils will stick to the metal – not nice!
  • All kind of aggressive cleaning products and abrasives are a no-go for your handmade jewelry.
  • In case of tarnishing, for the jewelry created with the Tiffany technique, I recommend NOT using abrasives or metal polishing products, as they will ruin the molten metal coating; instead, wipe them with a soft cotton cloth, or one of these eyeglasses wiping cloths.
    For the copper, brass and sterling silver jewelry, avoid the chemicals and abrasive as well. You can use a polishing cloth instead. These can be purchased online or at most shopping outlets.

Custom works

I am happy to work with you to create the custom jewelry you dream about.
Please, send me an email explaining me a little about your project, so that we can see if I am the right person to help you!

Currently I am not open to commissions for drawings.
I am keeping this side of my creativity mostly to myself, a haven where I can rest and recharge.
I may occasionally have drawings for sale, or offer intuitive drawings; if it happens, I will let my followers know through my newsletter, so…subscribe, please!


Do you still have a question that was not answered here?
Then, by all means, please contact me and I will be happy to help!