“Flow” Phone Wallpaper – A gift

Lately I have been visited by fishes, especially in dreams. Two days ago, I dreamed I was carving a fish from a tiny piece of wood…the fish was made of wood, but it also had scales made of light on its surface…it was really magical!
I have not gone into reading online about the meaning of the Fish, instead I decided to go with the flow (hehe!) and create.

I like to call them “cosmic fishes”. They glow and dive in the cosmos. Yep.

So far those little fishes have already taught me a lot. For instance, that sometimes we make things much more complicated than they really are.
We tend to look otward for answers (for instance, my first idea was to google the meaning of the Fish), while the answers are within.
Sometimes all we need to do is to drop all the expectations, all the things we think we should be doing, drop all the judgements and trust. Trust that inner voice, that inner feeling.
That’s what I did this morning, drawing my fishes under the fig tree.
Yes, my mind was telling me that I was supposed to make jewelry instead. You know, be productive.
My soul was telling me that, instead, I needed this time, this meditation, to welcome the message these fishes want to bring me.
As I was drawing and painting, wash after wash of watercolor paint, having no clue about the next step…I learned about flow. You know, I tend to push and brace. I want to succeed, to be approved, to be useful, to be of service, to be a good girl and receive my well deserved compliments (hah!), and in doing so I become all tense, and definitely blind to the signs from my body and soul.
The fishes are telling me to just…go with the flow! Their movement seems so effortless as they swim through the water. They have so much grace.

Anyway. Enough with the words!
I made a phone wallpaper from my painting, that you can download for free!

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