In the woods

Yesterday I grabbed my camera and went to the little wood behind my house, to take some pics of the jewelry I made so far, especially the Wilde Ones collection…because that’s simply the perfect place for these jewels to come alive.
I could not take pictures of all of them because many are sold and already traveled to their new keepers (THANKYOU!), but I had fun with many of them.
Here are some of the pics for you, a little sneak peek before I add them to the website gallery…

Above, some of the rings from The Wilde Ones collection.
Below, the Rose Quartz point pendant, and the Scrying Quartz pendant.

In other news, today I was able to take the pictures of the newest rings and necklace before the storm…and I updated the shop!
The “Melusine” necklace is one of these pieces that seem to come out from another dimension, while I play with the metal bits and stones I have on my bench. In this case, two hand raised irregular copper cups (“hand raised” means that the shaping is made by hammering the metal, a process that leaves beautiful marks on the surface) and a Labradorite cabochon.
I built this one on the go…Something clicked when I saw the labradorite and the cups togheter, then I figured out a setting for the stone, and a way to attach it to the cups.
I already knew the colored patinas to use on the cups, but first I had to create the rest of the necklace – this didn’t feel like a pendant.
So I created two tubes from copper sheet (by hammering and forging, once again) and left one side of each quite flared, organical.
A copper wire runs through them, attaching the upper disk to the vegan leather string; a handmade copper clasp closes the necklace.
And black pearls. I seem to have once again my attraction for pearls full on, in this period!

I am really happy of what I did here. I love the sterling silver embracing the Labradorite, the contrast with the warmth of copper. I love how the patina colors recall the ones of the stone.
I loved to fabricate this piece the way I did, slowly, almost listening to a song from another world.

And it makes me think of mermaids, the wild kind of mermaids, the ones who swim in the depths of the sea, crafting spells, the enchantresses, the ones with deep, deep eyes…
It’s a necklace about this enchantress that every woman carries inside, this wild creature, expert of the dark seas that run just below the conscious mind, the waters of emotions. I like how it has an almost tribal look.

And these are the other two new creations I was able to finish this week, in between commissions and migraines (ugh!).
One is “Open”, on the left.
The copper cup was hand cut and hand raised.
Then, sterling silver was molten in its center, and brass and copper spheres of different sizes were added in.
The result is something that is almost a flower, but not completely…it’s up to your imagination to decide what you see in it. I like to see a primordial chaos in it, and planets being born, and galaxies.
An Universe on my fingers!
The one on the right is “Curlique”,a ring with an organical shape, resembling a flower calice curled up around your finger.
It’s completely handmade, forged from copper sheet and then shaped in a circle, with little copper and brass spheres overflowing from the flower opening.
The colored patina add just that bit of fun to it, don’t you think?

They are for sale in the shop (link is up on the top bar!), but if you love them and they don’t fit you…or if someone was faster than you and snatched them, you can always send me an email and I can create something similar for you.

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