My Crystal Healer certification…

…it’s taking me quite some time to get it!

I signed up for the course and certification about a year ago, feeling all happy and excited about it.
Crystals have been really good friends, my first connection with Nature when I was deeply deeply agoraphobic (I mean, more than I am now!) and I could not spend time with the trees. Crystals gave me so much, with their beauty and their energy, and I am sure that they were a big part in the process of opening my eyes to the healing powers of Nature, and to the love that surrounds us.
I am not very good with rules, labels and autority.
My approach to crystals is very intuitive (as is my approach to art and jewelry making and most of the things I do), and I find it very hard to stick to what I am told “is right”. I am self taught in both my drawing and my jewelry making, and I am past the “self taught complex”. As many other people I happened to talk with, I used to feel less (less good, less skilled, less interesting) than those who had studied art and painting; I missed something, that precious magical something that could have made me a wonderful artist!!!
Nowadays, I rely a lot on my intuition, and have a huge respect for my learning process. Yes, to be self taught means that sometimes you learn things slowly, that you make silly mistakes, that you end up VERY frustrated because you have no idea how to figure something out. But…there is also beauty to this. There is the showing up every day to what you love, dedicating yourself to what keeps you dreaming, while facing your inner critic, while making sure that your inner child is really happy. It takes determination, it takes a big amount of love.
So, I don’t feel inferior to those holding a degree anymore. Just different paths, you know?

So why did I sign up for a Crystal Healer certification?
I was quite happy doing my thing with crystals, learning from them, incorporating them in my jewelry, listening to them. I didn’t really need a certificate to tell me I was doing things right.
But this was a challenge to myself. And a gift. All togheter, because I like to make things complicated for myself ahahahaha!
The challenge…well, easy. Can I stick to what someone teaches me, at least for the duration of a course? Even if I disagree, or if I tend to prefer to make things in a different way? Can I just put myself in a learning attitude, and leave my critics and sarcasm and stubborness for later?
The gift…by taking the course and the certificate, I am someway making my dedication to crystals official. To me it’s something like having all the crystals around me, and telling them that I trust them, I trust their love and wisdom, and I want to keep our connection open; I am making it official.

I am very happy that I signed up for a course with no set deadlines!
In this year, my life has changed so much, in so many ways, that I found myself lacking the time to really sit down and study.
I have been working with my crystals, of course, but…do you remember the part where I said that I would sit down and listen to what I was taught, instead of being my stubborn self?
My body has been giving me all kinds of signals about discomfort, from dizziness to period issues, from bad sleep to back pains…but I wasn’t listening. One of the issues was a lack of focus when reading. For an avid reader like me, it sucked.
And then I left a job and started the adventure of jewelry making. Which means I was confronted with a LOT of fears, from not feeling good enough to dreading the incoming failure, and everything in between. And I had to learn a skills set for the work, like getting to know metals, how to fabricate jewelry, materials, techniques. And I had to start to figure out how to let people know my work, and how to take pretty pics (this one is harder than you’d think).
Meanwhile I found myself reconnecting with family members, which is good, but also quite draining when you are a high sensitive individual trying to find your balance through it.

Right now, I find myself in a time of slowness.

Despite my mind trying to race forward, and my creativity being a jumpy little thing always poking at me, I am learning the art of taking it slow.
The summer with its heat is favoring the process, I must admit. Who wants to fret when it’s so hot?

I am dedicating myself to healing my body, for the first time in my life. Not only healing my body, actually, but healing my relationship with it. I am realizing how the body has always been a sort of enemy to me, it was too fat, it had hair, it was giving me pain…or it has been my place to throw all my anger and pain into, by drinking and self harming and ignoring it.
This requires so much mindfulness, since I am not used to it. It requires me to stop often and check in, explore any tension that I may feel, and listen to any discomfort. Make space, and accept what comes. See it.
I think my body really needed to be seen.

Of course I am still working, still creating, but in this spaciousness I am trying to create, I start to finally see a little spot for my Crystal Healer certification as well. Thanks to more rest time and less tension, and to a new diet, I can read again (yay! I stuffed myself of books for a week!), and I can actually remember what I read.

And since I am at it, studying the thing from the basics (like how to clear and charge your crystals), I am thinking to make a little booklet for you to download, where I teach you the basic ways to take care of your crystals, especially the ones that are set in your beloved jewelry. Many of the most common ways to clear and charge crystals can damage the metals and the patinas, and I couldn’t find much about this topic, except some notes from the jewelry makers and the suggestion to use your good sense.
What do you think? Would you like to read something like that?

Speaking of crystals and their healing powers, I have a board on my Pinterestwhere I collect informations about it, along with some crystals grid and layouts tips.

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