I am a creative.
I actually always found it very hard to find a label for myself – was I an artist? A painter? An illustrator? A crafter? An artisan? A jewelry maker?
Now I simply call myself a seeker of magic. Creativity is my way to connect with magic and to deal with life – in part a fancy escapism, in part a way to find meaning and answers. To be creative is what allows me to feel good, in touch with the most authentic part of myself. The media I use are just that – different languages, different roads, on the same journey that is this life.

For long, I have been mostly drawing. It was my first love as a child, and it stayed with me for very long. Right now my creative world is more eclectic, with a focus on jewelry and adornment. Jewelry has always been more than “something pretty” to me, it always carried some magic, some meaning; more amulet and less accessory, let’s say.
And this is the mindset in which most of my jewelry is born…From a need I feel, espressed through the materials and colors, always chasing magic and the dream.

I have worked with several media when creating my jewelry; I taught myself wire wrapping, tiffany technique, and metalsmithing. Lately, I am exploring the possibilities given by embroidery, bead embroidery and bead weaving – and sometimes mixing it all. This is probably the most pop side of my creative work so far, and I totally love to dabble in it.

Each piece is handmade and unique as you are.
With my work, I aim to bring beauty, joy, fun, magic and dreams to You and your life.