My Crystal Healer certification…

…it’s taking me quite some time to get it!

I signed up for the course and certification about a year ago, feeling all happy and excited about it.
Crystals have been really good friends, my first connection with Nature when I was deeply deeply agoraphobic (I mean, more than I am now!) and I could not spend time with the trees. Crystals gave me so much, with their beauty and their energy, and I am sure that they were a big part in the process of opening my eyes to the healing powers of Nature, and to the love that surrounds us.
I am not very good with rules, labels and autority.
My approach to crystals is very intuitive (as is my approach to art and jewelry making and most of the things I do), and I find it very hard to stick to what I am told “is right”. I am self taught in both my drawing and my jewelry making, and I am past the “self taught complex”. As many other people I happened to talk with, I used to feel less (less good, less skilled, less interesting) than those who had studied art and painting; I missed something, that precious magical something that could have made me a wonderful artist!!!
Nowadays, I rely a lot on my intuition, and have a huge respect for my learning process. Yes, to be self taught means that sometimes you learn things slowly, that you make silly mistakes, that you end up VERY frustrated because you have no idea how to figure something out. But…there is also beauty to this. There is the showing up every day to what you love, dedicating yourself to what keeps you dreaming, while facing your inner critic, while making sure that your inner child is really happy. It takes determination, it takes a big amount of love.
So, I don’t feel inferior to those holding a degree anymore. Just different paths, you know?

So why did I sign up for a Crystal Healer certification?
I was quite happy doing my thing with crystals, learning from them, incorporating them in my jewelry, listening to them. I didn’t really need a certificate to tell me I was doing things right.
But this was a challenge to myself. And a gift. All togheter, because I like to make things complicated for myself ahahahaha!
The challenge…well, easy. Can I stick to what someone teaches me, at least for the duration of a course? Even if I disagree, or if I tend to prefer to make things in a different way? Can I just put myself in a learning attitude, and leave my critics and sarcasm and stubborness for later?
The gift…by taking the course and the certificate, I am someway making my dedication to crystals official. To me it’s something like having all the crystals around me, and telling them that I trust them, I trust their love and wisdom, and I want to keep our connection open; I am making it official.

I am very happy that I signed up for a course with no set deadlines!
In this year, my life has changed so much, in so many ways, that I found myself lacking the time to really sit down and study.
I have been working with my crystals, of course, but…do you remember the part where I said that I would sit down and listen to what I was taught, instead of being my stubborn self?
My body has been giving me all kinds of signals about discomfort, from dizziness to period issues, from bad sleep to back pains…but I wasn’t listening. One of the issues was a lack of focus when reading. For an avid reader like me, it sucked.
And then I left a job and started the adventure of jewelry making. Which means I was confronted with a LOT of fears, from not feeling good enough to dreading the incoming failure, and everything in between. And I had to learn a skills set for the work, like getting to know metals, how to fabricate jewelry, materials, techniques. And I had to start to figure out how to let people know my work, and how to take pretty pics (this one is harder than you’d think).
Meanwhile I found myself reconnecting with family members, which is good, but also quite draining when you are a high sensitive individual trying to find your balance through it.

Right now, I find myself in a time of slowness.

Despite my mind trying to race forward, and my creativity being a jumpy little thing always poking at me, I am learning the art of taking it slow.
The summer with its heat is favoring the process, I must admit. Who wants to fret when it’s so hot?

I am dedicating myself to healing my body, for the first time in my life. Not only healing my body, actually, but healing my relationship with it. I am realizing how the body has always been a sort of enemy to me, it was too fat, it had hair, it was giving me pain…or it has been my place to throw all my anger and pain into, by drinking and self harming and ignoring it.
This requires so much mindfulness, since I am not used to it. It requires me to stop often and check in, explore any tension that I may feel, and listen to any discomfort. Make space, and accept what comes. See it.
I think my body really needed to be seen.

Of course I am still working, still creating, but in this spaciousness I am trying to create, I start to finally see a little spot for my Crystal Healer certification as well. Thanks to more rest time and less tension, and to a new diet, I can read again (yay! I stuffed myself of books for a week!), and I can actually remember what I read.

And since I am at it, studying the thing from the basics (like how to clear and charge your crystals), I am thinking to make a little booklet for you to download, where I teach you the basic ways to take care of your crystals, especially the ones that are set in your beloved jewelry. Many of the most common ways to clear and charge crystals can damage the metals and the patinas, and I couldn’t find much about this topic, except some notes from the jewelry makers and the suggestion to use your good sense.
What do you think? Would you like to read something like that?

Speaking of crystals and their healing powers, I have a board on my Pinterestwhere I collect informations about it, along with some crystals grid and layouts tips.


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A reminder of Nature’s wisdom: the story of my Seed ring

Today I want to tell you the story of my Seed rings.
It’s one of the designs that I feel really attached to, as it carries a deep emotional meaning to me. I am always so happy and grateful when I have the chance to make one, for it feels like spreading the “seed wisdom”, as I call it, in this world.

It was during the last Spring. Life was blooming everywhere, colours glowing, all the glory of the new green surrounding me.
Me…heh. I was once again in one of my periods where I stress out about everything, go on guilt trips (“I am not working enough! Let’s keep working until my hands bleed!” lol), and in general make myself sick by overthinking and overdoing. I am working on it. I am actually getting better at it, yay!

After having worked myself sick, I had to take a day off. A day spent with my cat Pooh laying on the grass, doing my best not to think, just breathing and napping and listening to the flowers.
A time for be-ing rather than doing.
When we put ourselves in this meditative attitude, when we allow our mind to rest and we make space for our beautiful inner silence, amazingthings emerge, I think.
That day, the gift came from the flowers and their seeds. From the observation of the time of Nature, which is not hurried and not slow, simply right.
I knew it when I woke up the day after, with the vivid memory of a dream.

In the dream, I was creating a ring about seeds, using a small raw stone, setting it in a band of silver.
It was so beautiful! I woke up with this feeling of awe.
Also because in the dream I had created a setting that I never saw before and that I had no clue about how it was made. Hah!

Of course I gulped down my breakfast and ran to my little shed to create it!

To me, this is a ring about possibilities and potential. The seed is small, surrounded by darkness when it lays in the earth, but still it knows how to reach for the light, and it pushes, pushes, despite the darkness enveloping it, it keeps growing toward the light – until one day, it breaks the surface of the ground.
I think we are a bit like this…we may feel raw like the Peridot in the ring, imperfect, a constant work in progress… still we are good, we are ok. And like the little seed, we have an inner voice guiding us toward the light, and we keep doing so, walking our path, striving for growth, even when we can only imagine the light and we are surrounded by darkness.
The seed has in it the potential of a mighty tree.
The same way, we carry inside of us the potential of beautiful things we can be and we can bring to others.

And also, this ring is a reminder to go “at seed speed”, as I like to say.
The seed takes its time. Some plants grow faster, others are slower, and, unless you want to look like a hopeless lunatic, you don’t go to a seed and scream to it to hurry up and grow. You don’t shame it for being so slow.You simply wait for its right timing, and one day you will find the little green bud where the previous day there was only soil.
There is so much wisdom in this.
We are so used to be in this rushed society, so trained to comform to the standards they expect from us.
I still feel guilty when I take time off, because I fear I will be seen as lazy.
I feel guilty because after 13 years, I still haven’t managed to overcome my panic attacks and live a “normal” life.
When it happens, I look at my Seed ring. I remember that I have my own timing. That the path isn’t necessarily linear, and that what matters is that I am still walking, I am still pushing in the darkness, trusting that the light is right there, waiting for me.
We deserve to take our time. You are worthy of giving yourself the permission to be gentle with yourself and to respect your own timing. You are a beautiful seed, and you will grow into something magnificent, into a blessing for many; your only duty is to nourish yourself with food for your Soul, with love, and with softness.

So this ring is also a reminder to be gentle with yourself, as you would be with a tiny tender seed, while you bravely keep pushing toward the light.

Recently I had the pleasure to discover Karina Ladet, a wonderful woman, an intuitive healer, writer and heart-centered entrepreneur. She hosted a onlinelive call about Starseeds, and I felt immediately at home with her, such a feeling of friendship! Her energy is beautiful!
During the conference,as people were typing theirquestions and she was answering, in her sparkly beautiful way, I was busy with my inner guidance…I kept hearing that “voice behind me” that repeated me how Karina needed to have a seed ring. And when “they” tell me something, I tend to say yes and be a good girl, you know?
As I was creating her ring, I felt that the Peridot was not her stone; I can’t describe how it is, I just have a tummy feeling, if this makes any sense to you.
The Emerald instead was perfect. I could feel it as soon as I had my eyes on it!

And this is how the Seed ring II was born!

Both of the Seed rings are available as made to order in my shop, each unique and special, exactly like you!

You also want to stay tuned, because I am going to host a giveaway and the lucky winner will get a Seed ring!

“Flow” Phone Wallpaper – A gift

Lately I have been visited by fishes, especially in dreams. Two days ago, I dreamed I was carving a fish from a tiny piece of wood…the fish was made of wood, but it also had scales made of light on its surface…it was really magical!
I have not gone into reading online about the meaning of the Fish, instead I decided to go with the flow (hehe!) and create.

I like to call them “cosmic fishes”. They glow and dive in the cosmos. Yep.

So far those little fishes have already taught me a lot. For instance, that sometimes we make things much more complicated than they really are.
We tend to look otward for answers (for instance, my first idea was to google the meaning of the Fish), while the answers are within.
Sometimes all we need to do is to drop all the expectations, all the things we think we should be doing, drop all the judgements and trust. Trust that inner voice, that inner feeling.
That’s what I did this morning, drawing my fishes under the fig tree.
Yes, my mind was telling me that I was supposed to make jewelry instead. You know, be productive.
My soul was telling me that, instead, I needed this time, this meditation, to welcome the message these fishes want to bring me.
As I was drawing and painting, wash after wash of watercolor paint, having no clue about the next step…I learned about flow. You know, I tend to push and brace. I want to succeed, to be approved, to be useful, to be of service, to be a good girl and receive my well deserved compliments (hah!), and in doing so I become all tense, and definitely blind to the signs from my body and soul.
The fishes are telling me to just…go with the flow! Their movement seems so effortless as they swim through the water. They have so much grace.

Anyway. Enough with the words!
I made a phone wallpaper from my painting, that you can download for free!

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In the woods

Yesterday I grabbed my camera and went to the little wood behind my house, to take some pics of the jewelry I made so far, especially the Wilde Ones collection…because that’s simply the perfect place for these jewels to come alive.
I could not take pictures of all of them because many are sold and already traveled to their new keepers (THANKYOU!), but I had fun with many of them.
Here are some of the pics for you, a little sneak peek before I add them to the website gallery…

Above, some of the rings from The Wilde Ones collection.
Below, the Rose Quartz point pendant, and the Scrying Quartz pendant.

In other news, today I was able to take the pictures of the newest rings and necklace before the storm…and I updated the shop!
The “Melusine” necklace is one of these pieces that seem to come out from another dimension, while I play with the metal bits and stones I have on my bench. In this case, two hand raised irregular copper cups (“hand raised” means that the shaping is made by hammering the metal, a process that leaves beautiful marks on the surface) and a Labradorite cabochon.
I built this one on the go…Something clicked when I saw the labradorite and the cups togheter, then I figured out a setting for the stone, and a way to attach it to the cups.
I already knew the colored patinas to use on the cups, but first I had to create the rest of the necklace – this didn’t feel like a pendant.
So I created two tubes from copper sheet (by hammering and forging, once again) and left one side of each quite flared, organical.
A copper wire runs through them, attaching the upper disk to the vegan leather string; a handmade copper clasp closes the necklace.
And black pearls. I seem to have once again my attraction for pearls full on, in this period!

I am really happy of what I did here. I love the sterling silver embracing the Labradorite, the contrast with the warmth of copper. I love how the patina colors recall the ones of the stone.
I loved to fabricate this piece the way I did, slowly, almost listening to a song from another world.

And it makes me think of mermaids, the wild kind of mermaids, the ones who swim in the depths of the sea, crafting spells, the enchantresses, the ones with deep, deep eyes…
It’s a necklace about this enchantress that every woman carries inside, this wild creature, expert of the dark seas that run just below the conscious mind, the waters of emotions. I like how it has an almost tribal look.

And these are the other two new creations I was able to finish this week, in between commissions and migraines (ugh!).
One is “Open”, on the left.
The copper cup was hand cut and hand raised.
Then, sterling silver was molten in its center, and brass and copper spheres of different sizes were added in.
The result is something that is almost a flower, but not completely…it’s up to your imagination to decide what you see in it. I like to see a primordial chaos in it, and planets being born, and galaxies.
An Universe on my fingers!
The one on the right is “Curlique”,a ring with an organical shape, resembling a flower calice curled up around your finger.
It’s completely handmade, forged from copper sheet and then shaped in a circle, with little copper and brass spheres overflowing from the flower opening.
The colored patina add just that bit of fun to it, don’t you think?

They are for sale in the shop (link is up on the top bar!), but if you love them and they don’t fit you…or if someone was faster than you and snatched them, you can always send me an email and I can create something similar for you.

The Art of Art

The past two days have been of intensely introvert, reflective mood for me.
I woke up feeling sad for no particular reason, and my main focus has been on allowing that sadness to be, instead of pushing it down, of rejecting it.
I have been focused on giving myself what I seemed to need: rest time, naps, spaciousness.
It’s never easy for me to do this, because my mind starts to freak out, and I feel guilty; I start to think that I am lazy, that I should be more productive, that I seem to need so much more rest time than anyone else around me, that I am just a whiner and I should instead soldier on and get stuff done.
But there has been a lot of work done on this in the past year or so, and a lot of work on gentlesness and on reclaiming Soul parts. I still don’t know precisely how I will put this in action, but I start to realize that I need to let go of everything I know about what society expects from us; we are trained to be always alert, active and productive. I know this is not for me. I simply break down if I try to adapt to this way of doing things. Ten years of depression and panic attacks, if anything, have forced me to be so much more aware of myself, of every shadow and hue in my inner landscape.

My reflective, introspective mood had two results.
One is a morning spent in the workplace, with sheets of copper and my hammers, with no direction, simply hammering away. Allowing my most instinctive and intuitive self to come out and play, and through the hammering, allow the metal to take my hand and lead me in the places it wanted me to visit. The result are some extremely organic, flowing pieces, that someway along the journey will transform in jewelry, but that was not the point of that morning session, that was all about exploration, so for now they sit on the bench, awaiting…

The second fruit of allowing my energy to move as it felt like, namely on sadness and introspection department, and to allow myself sleep and long breathing times, was the realization that I lost my inner compass on some very important things.

One of these is drawing.

I have been drawing since forever. As a kid, it was my everything. It accompanied me through most of my life, it was my “natural thing”, you know?
About 10 years ago, in the worst of my depression and panic attacks, just out of the hospital, I quit it.
I could not do it. I didn’t have it in me to keep doing it.
The main reason was that I put so much pressure on it, I was following many artists online, comparing my work to theirs; I was reading how you need a preparation in anatomy and colour theory and I had none of that, and even if I studied, I found myself unable to apply it to my drawing – it felt unnatural.
These things I know now. Back then I was just feeling too drained, too tired, too overwhelmed, too empty.
After some years, I started to think that maybe I could start again, because I missed “my best friend”. But I was very scared to slip down the terrific hole of judgement once again.
So I took a very crappy little notebook, a pen, and gave myself permission to draw again. I just promised that I would not tear away pages, I would simply learn to live with my mistakes, or eventually use them, change them, and make something good of them.
The tearing away of pages had been my main reason for never having a sketchbook, by the way. I would tore away more than what I would keep.
And I created a little “secret” blog, a public one but that I didn’t advertise, just to motivate me to keep going and to work as a sort of journal of the experience.

Well…it was beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong, it was also hard, super hard at first.
Because I was so very worried of drawing poorly.
To use such cheap equipment helped a lot.

What happened during the years is that these little books became my journals, a road map in images of what was going on in my life. They kept me sane. They gave me an outlet for my emotions, even the ones I didn’t know I was having (an effect of a long time panic disorder without a good specialist taking care of it has been to compress all emotions in the “panic” box. I wasn’t excited, I had a panic attack. I wasn’t sad, I was going to have a panic attack. And so on…).
Fast forward some years, after my escapade in the art galleries scene (that proved to really not being my thing) and to my happy stroll in the land of jewelry making and setting up a small business.

To run a small business has the powerful effect of exposing all your soft spots, your behavioural patterns and your deepest fears.
I still have to put a lot of work daily on avoiding end of the world thoughts: nobody is going to understand my work, nobody is going to like my jewelry, nobody is going to buy it, I will starve, I will fail miserably, and probably the zombie apocalypse is close as well.
But I am getting better at it, I swear. The first months I was in constant distress, panicking: WHY DID I PUT MYSELF IN THIS?! On the other side, I quite enjoyed being in it, you know. It was a bit confusing, yup.

Anyway. Taking care of the new biz, learning a set of skills by myself, both on the technical side of jewelry making and on the marketing-and-whatever side of things, while progressing on my spiritual awareness, took a toll on me and on my time. I wasn’t drawing on my sketchbook daily anymore.
Because it was not useful. See the trick here?
On the other side I have been trying to journal, because everybody and their grandmothers say that journaling is very important on the road to awareness and growing. Which I don’t discuss, journaling actually gave me help in many situations. But I am not an everyday kind of journalist. I can go a month without it and I don’t miss it.
While I miss drawing daily.
On top of that, I had finished my old Moleskine book and I needed a new one, and sketchbooks hoarder that I am, of course I had plenty to chose from. I went to one that I had saved for years, because I am that kind of stationery hoarder. A beautiful book with a floral cover, so lush, so precious.
That’s how I put myself in for trouble.
Because I was in a weak moment, when my guard was low on the drawing fears (I was too focused on all the other ones!), so all the little creeplings came out to play, and I didn’t notice it.
– “This book is definitely too nice, better not to ruin it with ugly drawings”
– “Are you sure you want to draw that? Is it worth it? I mean, this is a REALLY nice book, do you want to waste a sheet like that?
– “I am not sure people will have interest in this, when you share it online.”
…and many more that I won’t bother writing. I think you have the general picture.

Yesterday I was napping and lazily checking Instagram when I stumbled on a post of one of my favorite artists…that made me want to check out her feed once again. She has been posting so much from her sketchbook.
And a little voice in me was saying: “Ohhhhh how I wish I was doing this! How I miss the sketchbook! How I miss when I would draw daily, whatever I liked, only for myself!!!”.

For me, there is this big problem when making art, especially if your art is also supposed to feed you (but to me it happens also when it’s not about art-business, I guess my ego needs a lot of approval-feeding). It’s that on one side, I give my best when I create whatever I feel like, freely, happily, without thinking about the “after”, about the sharing, the selling, you know? On the other side, both the cats, me, and apparently my ego need food. My ego is currently on a diet, I can’t say the same for my cats and me. So I find myself comparing to the other artists and creators. Seeing their numbers bigger than mine, making up my idea of their wonderful life where their create in full magic and the world magically opens up and receives and gives them all the abundance they need, because they are such cool kids…and I am not. And I start to go in circles, bracing, rushing, overworking, pushing, trying to figure out what people will like me to do, what people will buy more easily, what will grant me success and food (yay food!).
The problem is that this way of thinking will kill any form of genuine, soulful art.
It’s the wrong way of doing it.
It feels like a jump in the void, but you first createwhat your soul and heart feel like, you first bring in this world this creation that is partially yours, and partially coming from who-knows-where. Then you let it go, trusting that it will find the right people. Trusting that by doing what you are meant to, you will receive the support you need.

They don’t teach this to us growing up, I guess that’s why it’s SO HARD to do it.

So…well. Guess what. I realized that my most natural form of journaling is through my sketchbook, and that indeed journaling is something very helpful. I realized that a part of me is unhappy because once again she is missing her best friend.
I realized that it’s a lot of hard work to become whole and to become yourself, but it has to be done, and for me this round is about claiming back my playful, happy, free sketchbook doodler.
I don’t even know if I will share these drawings. It’s a tender process that I don’t want to rush, so I will take what comes day by day.
I am going to sit down with my neglected pen, clean away the old ink, reorganize them, and then…breathe and finally “ruin” the damn fancy book!!!!

And this is my “go girl!” sign from the Universe.
I spotted this special magic as I was having some lazy time with Pooh on the grass. The light was so intense that the flower was glowing.
Magic is everywhere, as is inspiration.
You just need to keep your eyes open 😉

And you? What is your experience with creativity, and with things that block it?

Wild Things!

Spring has suddenly turned into summer in my part of the world. For this cold loving person, it’s a bit of a turn down, but everything is so colorful and lush and alive, I can’t help but be inspired. And finally I can be barefoot on the grass, which is always a great thing.

So…I have been in a fairy-nature-magic inspiration blast. My Wilde Ones collection keeps demanding my attention – and I am happy to oblige. There is something so alive, so fierce and…well, wild…in them.
I often have goosebumps while creating them, especially when I can see something in the hammered sheet of copper, when I have the “aha” moment.

And here is one of the things I have been working on…the “Wild Thing” necklace. It makes me absolutely ecstatic, the play of shapes and colors…and the little sound it makes!

It all started with me having fun at hammering copper sheet. Hahah. Foldforming and forging gives me a really happy time, because it feels almost magical, to create such organical shapes from metal…
It also feels pretty magical also because most of the times I have no clue about what will come out. But it’s ok. I like it that way.
So, I was happily hammering some almond shapes and I found myself with these cute leaves. I also had a thin copper tube that I had prepared for some wire wrapped project that never happened…and my mind’s gears started to run.

I was even smart enough to remember to take a pic for the blog!

The light in the shed where I work is not the best for pictures (but soon there will be real windows and real light and everything will be…woah!) but for now let’s pretend it adds some charme to them, eh?
So here you can see the moment I could start to “see something”. Put one thing close to another…and magic happens.

I soldered some copper wire to the leaves, to play as stem. This has then been hammered for a more organic look.
I attached the leaves to the tube, by curling the stem, creating little hoops. But I wasn’t satisfied still. You know, it was not enough sparkly, crazy…wild!

More copper wire and gemstone beads later, I was finally happy of the piece. Colored patina did the final trick, bringing the magic on the next level.
I attached some copper colored, natural silk cord to the tubing and to a handmade copper clasp, and here you go, the necklace has come to life!

This is not the only wild piece I created this week…I actually also made a very wild couple of cuffs!

The “Secret Flower” cuff is definitely wild, and not for the faint of heart.
A strip of copper wire, folded and hammered to achieve the wavy edges, soldered to luscious brass wire for a comfortable wear, and pulsing with red and verdigris patina.

And this one is the “Lush” cuff.

The base of the cuff was created from a strip of copper that has been bent, folded, hammered in several spots, to shape it up and reveal a very organic texture. Leaf-like shapes have been cut and hammered, and finally assembled with a vine-like piece of copper wire that embraces the lenght of the cuff.
The stone, a beautiful Canadian Jasper, is held by an open setting.
No part of the cuff was soldered, everything is held into place using both visible and invisible cold connections.
This also allows the stone and the surrounding leaves a little movement, so that you can gently spread them up or have them a little more closed, depending on your taste.

It feels beautiful when worn, the opening of the cuff sits on the side of your wrist instead than the bottom, so it appears to have just fallen on your wrist and softly wrapped around it.

If you want to have a look at what you can make yours, click on the “shop” on the top of the page. These pieces are all one of a kind, but new ones are added regularly too!

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The Daisy earrings

First blog post. Ok. Deep breathing. Hah!

To open this blog, I want to talk you a little about one of my newest “babies”, the Daisy earrings.
If you follow me on social networks, you know that right now my backyard is a beautiful sea of daisies – it’s almost unbelievable!

If you missed it…here it is!

It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? My fahter’s partner, who is a lover of flowers and whimsical (and a pebbles hoarder like me) spread some seeds a few years ago. The daisies keep increasing year by year. I wonder how the backyard will look the next year…
As you see, Pooh, the studio assistant and zen teacher, enjoys them too.

Anyway. I really, really love to lay on the grass, letting go of all thoughts, just breathing and listening to the cheerful daisies. They make me happy, and they remember me to just relax and live.
Do you know that daisies are natural barometers? When the weather is going to be rainy, they won’t even bother to open up; they stay all curled up and wait for the sun.
This gave me some material to reflect upon.
Our world is quite rushed, isn’t it? We are supposed to always run, produce, consume, get somewhere. It’s all about the performance. I find this lifestyle very challenging, because my system needs downtime (I suppose everybody needs it, but maybe some of us are more sensitive to it?); but on the other side, when I allow myself some rest, I usually go on guilt trips, thinking that I should instead work, be busy making, because I need to make and sell and take care of that all. Which is, honestly, quite stupid, because you can’t give from an empty well.
I am practicing. I am getting better at it. Promise.
I remember my daisies, and when I have a stormy day, I try to let go of everything and allow myself a day off.

The backyard is so important for me, because it gives me such lessons. Pooh is a great teacher at that too…some rough days got better when I allowed myself to nap on the grass, rubbing her soft belly. Simple medicine.

Back to the daisies.
I really dislike to pick up flowers. I prefer to know they are alive in the grass. But on the other side, the charme of decorating yourself with beautiful flowers and leaves and feel all fairy-like, you know…?
So, to celebrate my cheerful little teachers, I created these earrings.
They thread through your earlobes, and they look exactly as if you put two real daisies there. It makes me so happy!

The flower shape was drawn on a sheet of sterling silver, and hand sawn.
This is how they look in the rough phase, before all the filing and sanding…

Then, I prepared the bezel setting for the Citrine cabochon, that will then be soldered on the daisies…

Once everything is filed and sanded down to a smooth, nice to the touch surface, soldered togheter and polished, the stems are attached, and the stone set in. In this picture you can see the flower with the bezel soldered, all sanded and ready for the last steps.

Finally, I curved the stem-hook, to make it look natural and organic.
The final result are these lightweight, fun earrings, with their dainty look and their flowerchild vibe!

And here they are, togheter with their real friends!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my process, and that my ramblings didn’t make you too sleepy, hahah!

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Hello Wanderer!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I must admit I have never been a great blogger haha! For me, the easiest and more comfortable way to share my work is through Instagram: a picture, a few words, that’s all I needed so far.
But I am going to try this blog thing once again, hah!
My intention is to share behind the scenes, but also little stories about me and how my pieces are born. I am always fascinated by other creator’s process, I hope you will enjoy discovering mine.
And I plan to share informations on the healing properties of crystals as well, because that’s something I am passionate about.

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