Drawing has been with me since childhood. A safe place, a dreamland, a companion.
I have a strong attachment to my drawings, I see them as maps of my Soul’s journey, and I find it very difficult to separate from them; reason why a career as gallery artist was more pain than joy, hah!
Even if my main focus nowadays is on jewelry, my love story with drawing goes on. A pencil is still the first tool that gives shape to the idea of an amulet; and still, drawing is my safe place and my dreamland where I love to escape.
Most of my recent works are drawn with a very fine nib (pin point describes it well), painstakingly brought to your eyes with a very time consuming stippling process; I love it – it’s almost a meditation. A finished work can take from 4 months to a year to complete.
The other place where I love to find myself is my sketchbook. I call them “sketchbooks”, but more often than not the drawings there are fully rendered and complete.

Thankyou to the Teachers.
Thankyou to Vali, and to Frida.