I am an artist.

I live in Italy with my two indoor cats, Romeo and Nina, and the outdoor cat Pooh (though I am not sure you can call her an outdoor cat anymore, since she has taken up residence in the studio).

I have been creating for my whole life – I can’t remember a time when I was not daydreaming and fiddling to bring these images into our world.
I am the happiest when my hands are busy and my mind is dreaming.

For most of my life my main language has been drawing, but in the past three years I followed my life-long fascination with jewelry and I took the proverbial leap of faith. Nowadays, most of my time is spent working on silver, copper, gemstones and raw minerals.

What I learned in the past year and a half is that not only I love my work, but my work loves me back.
I can’t even start to articulate how often I found refuge from anxiety, fear, worries and general life stuff by immersing myself in my creative work.

I don’t believe in accumulating things, but I believe in the power of objects.
I believe a ring can remind you that you are strong.
I believe a necklace can bring you back to the memory of a time when you felt comfort. When you felt safe.
I believe our souls crave magic and connection, and that art is a way to find it.

I hope you will find these qualities, and more, in the work I offer you.