Needle Felting

I have been needle felting.

I was so sick and I couldn’t do much, not even sit at the wheel or focus on knitting, and, as usual, I feel way too restless and anxious when my hands are not busy…So I figured I could spend a little time making sweet tiny sculptures.

I used to needle felt years ago, but I had to stop quite abruptly because it was a sure trigger for heavy tendonitis.

This time around, I did my best to take long breaks and be mindful of my death grip on the needles, to avoid the worst to happen haha!

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Notre Dame on fire

The night Notre Dame was in flames, I wrote something on my Instagram. I had wanted to articulate more on it the days after, here in the blog, but I got sick with high temps and I became a zombie…

Here is what I wrote on my feed that night:

I was about to go to bed...And I heard about Notre Dame in Paris. Burning.
Tears sprang in my eyes.

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I guess I can say I have been nesting…

The change of season is playing havoc on me. I can’t say I don’t feel well, because there is nothing major going on.
I just feel…off, I guess?
I have moments of inspiration, of ideas. Of energy.
Then, I find myself sluggish, unable to focus, and when I manage to bring myself to the bench, I end up making frustrating mistake after frustrating mistake.

I know the only way out is through.
I know it’s only a matter of patience, surrender, and keep going until the tide changes.

Still…did I mention frustrating?

I have found some soft time with these little vessells.

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