To be creative is what gives purpose and meaning to my life.
While for long I considered it an hobby, a luxury, now I know it is an essential and not negotiable part of my existence.

The making of jewelry is not only a creative outlet that I adore, a dream that I didn’t dare to make real until recently.
It is also a big therapeutic instrument for me.
It is my support when dealing with anxiety, fear, life issues.
It is the way I make sense of life, make peace with my emotions, and find meaning in my experiences.

I need to keep my hands and mind busy – I need to be immersed in the creation of something meaningful. So, my jewelry making is flanked by beading, working with fibers and thread, and drawing.

They all someway come togheter organically, influencing each other.
When I say that I love my work, and my work loves me back, I mean this sense of collaboration, support, inclusiveness that I experience.
The way I communicate with my Soul through this shaping of materials.