Art for the Soul
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I like to consider this a virtual expansion of my creative space. A little nest of magic, creativity and constant growth.

I am an artist.

Because this is what my soul needs. To observe the inner and outer landscape, to listen to the messages and pay attention to the signs, to collect feathers and seeds and thoughts and emotions. To let them lead me.

Nowadays my main focus is on soulful jewelry.
I create mostly one of a kind pieces of jewelry that carry a meaning and a healing purpose with them – they help me deal with life issues and take care of my mental health while I create them, and then fly out of my hands, in hope that they will be helpers, supporters and reminders to their new keepers.
And this fills my heart with gratitude.

I sometimes still spend time with my very first love – and language – which is drawing.
I also spend a good amount of my evenings spinning wool into thread and crafting garments out of it.

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