Carving the pearl skulls


The first days of April, I carved a few of my pearl skulls.

They seem to be quite the beloveds of my patrons, since the jewelry pieces that feature them are always quick to go.

I don’t carve them often, I’d rather carve a batch and then go on until I feel the impulse again…because it’s messy. There is a lot of fine white dust flying around everywhere, which means I have to cover everything in plastic, which is booooooring! :p

But I have a few done, even a few that I carved on the April New Moon!
I will be ok for a while.

Since I was carving them anyway, I also attempted some filming.
Mind you, my filming and editing skills are really low, but I wanted to give you a chance to see how they are made - and how time consuming the little ones can be!

Here is the video that I uploaded on my IG TV and on Youtube.

On a side note, after I maniacally carved all of the skulls, I got a not so nice case of tendonitis on both arms. Ugh.
I know my wrists need some care, I know I need to remember to take breaks and stretch and all…but what can I say? I was too immersed in the project.

And this is the reason why it took me so long to post the video here…I have been playing catch up with everything once my wrists could move again.

I can’t wait to see what pieces will come out of these skulls, and to show you!