Needle Felting


I have been needle felting.

I was so sick and I couldn’t do much, not even sit at the wheel or focus on knitting, and, as usual, I feel way too restless and anxious when my hands are not busy…So I figured I could spend a little time making sweet tiny sculptures.

I used to needle felt years ago, but I had to stop quite abruptly because it was a sure trigger for heavy tendonitis.

This time around, I did my best to take long breaks and be mindful of my death grip on the needles, to avoid the worst to happen haha!


And I was transported into this place filled with tenderness and magic.

Creating these little dolls, their soft bodies all comfort and cuteness overload, their little clothes and funny hairdos…it was really good for my soul.


So far, there is the blue baby dragon and a few little Sprites with coats of wings or clothes of forest.
And I must admit I am having quite some fun taking pics of them as well!


And a little mermaid!
Mermaids were my childhood crush. I was totally obsessed.
It makes so much sense that they would show up, right? The picture you see here is of the start.
I use white wool to create the base shape, by poking (poking poking poking) it with special felting needles, until it becomes solid and of the shape I desire.
Then, I use finer needles to coat it with a layer of soft merino wool, giving it the shades of pink and such.
Finally, color! Hair, clothes, and beading.

Even if they are quite small creatures, the process is time consuming, and I must be very mindful to take breaks often - I am just keeping a book nearby and reading a few pages here and there, and so far it worked.


It feels SO good to be able to do this again.
I missed it.
I missed the magic and the tenderness.
I am really really hoping my wrists will hold up so that I can make more of them in the future.

For now, these and a few more will be up for grabs in my shop on May 10th, when I will have the big update - including the jewelry pieces I have been able to work on in between the bouts of flu.